Make sure you have a valid passport before applying for a visa. Passports are required for all entries. Check the entry requirements for Chile and see if you need a visa to study in Chile. For example, US citizen do not need a visa if the study term is no longer than 90 days. Chinese students are required to obtain a student visa in order to participate in Spanish programs in Chile. Please contact the nearest Chilean consulate in your country for more information and obtain the required visa application documents as early as possible.

In case you need a visa, UDD-SIP with send you an acceptance letter after your application is accepted and notify the consulate of your country about your admission. The acceptance letter from the program is required for you to obtain a student visa. After your visa application is approved, the consulate will also want to know if you have paid-in-full for the program before granting you the visa. Therefore, upon the notification of your visa approval, please make payment of the program in full so we can inform the local consulate to make your visa eligible for pick-up.

Do not wait until the last minute to apply for a visa, and start to gather other visa application documents that may take months to obtain. It may take 45 to 60 days for a student to acquire a visa.

Note:  Detailed information about visa application and useful website links, will be provided with your confirmation letter through email after you successfully register online.

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