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Artículos Indexados 2018

Algunos artículos tienen coautores externos a la UDD.

Juan Pablo Couyoumdjian. Ideas, Leaders, and Institutions in 19th Century Chile. Journal of Institutional Economics.

Jorge Fábregas. Polarization and electoral incentives: The case of the Chilean “Binomial”. Revista Latin American Politics and Society.

Jorge Fábregas. Polarization and Electoral Incentives: The End of the Chilean Consensus Democracy, 1990–2014. Revista Latin American Politics and Society.

Rodrigo Troncoso. Cost, production and efficiency in local bus industry: An empricial analysis for the bus system of Santiago.Transportation Research Part A.

Fernando Schmidt. Breaking the South-South FTA Mould: Why China ‘Went OECD’ with New Zealand?. China Report.

Fernando Schmidt. A research agenda towards “The Beijing effect”: Is the chinese market shaping latin american agriculture? The case of gmos. Revista Encrucijada Americana.

Oriana Figueroa Valdebenito. ¿Por qué Somos Infieles? Aplicación Inicial de una Escala para Estimar las Razones por las que Hombres y Mujeres son Infieles. Revista Iberoamericana de Diagnóstico y Evaluación – e Avaliação Psicológica.

Eileen Hudson, Francisca Dussaillant. The conflict between the State of Chile and the Mapuche people in the national and regional Chilean press (2014-2016).Revista Communication & Society-Spain.

Francisca Dusaillant. Predicting  post traumatic stress disorder following a natural disaster. Journal of Psychiatric Research.

Pablo Billeke. Impact of anthropometric nutritional parameters on the university selection test in Chile: A multifactorial approach. Revista Nutrition.

Pablo Billeke, Francisco Zamorano. Docosahexaenoic acid levels in erythrocytes and their association with the University Selection Test Outcomes in Chile. Prostaglandins Leukotrienes and Essential Fatty Acids.

Pablo Billeke. Validation of a Visual-Spatial Secondary Task to Assess Automaticity in Laparoscopic Skills. Journal of Surgical Education.

Pablo Billeke. Beta oscillations precede joint attention and correlate with mentalization in typical development and autism. Revista Cortex.

Carlos Rodríguez. The Ecosystems of Simple and Complex Societies: Social and Geographical Dynamics. Revista Journal of Artificial Societies.

Carlos Rodríguez, Cristian Candia. The universal decay of collective memory and attention. Revista Natural Human Behaviour.

Carlos Rodríguez. Muscularity and Strength Affect Individual Variation in Self-Perception of Fighting Ability in Men. Frontiers in Psychology

Mauricio Apablaza. Transnational entrepreneurs: opportunity or necessity driven? Empirical evidence from two dynamic economies from Latin America and Europe. Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies.

Mauricio Apablaza. Measuring chronic multidimensional poverty. Journal of Policy Modeling.

Francisco Zamorano. Impact of anthropometric nutritional parameters on the university selection test in Chile: A multifactorial approach. Nutrition.