Application Process

Application Process

Those students who are interested in participating in UDD-Spanish immersion program must apply through our program official website If you have any difficulty with submitting application online, please call or email the program coordinator.

Required Documents

—- International Students Application form.
– One copy of the identification page of the passport (first page).
– One copy of High school or higher academic degree diploma and official transcript.
– One recent (within 6 months) passport photo.

The Process

1. Complete the application form online and submit all required documents. If you encounter any technical difficulties, please contact the program office directly.

2. You will receive a confirmation letter through email stating whether all required documents are received and whether the student needs to take a diagnostic test to determine his/her Spanish level once you complete the online application.

3. UDD—SIP evaluates your information upon receiving the application. If the application is accepted, the program will inform the student through email and send student a letter of acceptance, a program invoice and payment information through express mail, while notifying Chilean consulate in your country about your admission

4. Once the student receives acceptance letter, he/she needs to submit all required visa application documents at the nearest Chilean consulate.

5. Upon notification of visa approval from the consulate, please make payment of the program tuition & fee indicated in the program invoice, together with $150 (USD) handling fee for document processing and mailing, Then email us a scanned copy of your bank receipt so we can inform consulate to grant you the visa, and keep that receipt which you will need to pick up your visa.

6. Prepare for departure, book your travel, and obtain medical insurance with international coverage for your study period in Chile. Please inform the program through email of your arrival date and flight information if you need airport pick-up

7. Participate the orientation day to receive your class schedule, study materials and a welcome package from UDD. Please also deliver one copy of your student visa and one copy of the medical insurance to the program coordinator.


Note: International students are obligated to deliver the copy of student visa and medical insurance upon arrival. Otherwise they will not be able to participate in the program.


– Early registration is advised, get your documents asap and start preparing other visa application documents while you are waiting for the arrival of your acceptance letter.

– Purchase airplane tickets only after acquiring visa.

– Apply for the visa at the city where your passport is issued.

– When purchase airline tickets, be sure to check if the flight has layovers in a country that requires visa for the stopover at its airport. United States and Canada have such requirement.

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