Basic A1, Basic A2, Intermediate B1, Intermediate B2, Advanced.

Class Size:

8-10 students.

Program structure:

The program is divided into trimesters. Each trimester is aimed to advance students to the next Spanish proficiency level.

Curriculum structure:

– Core Spanish courses —– two sessions daily that could cover grammar, phonetics, written Spanish, reading comprehension, language lab work etc.

– Elective Courses —  pick from a selection of courses offered in English and Spanish, which are shared with regular UDD students (Note: B2 and Advanced level students can take more elective courses, in place of Core Spanish courses).

– Workshops— designed to solidify and expand students’ Spanish arsenals and put them into practice. Topics range from pronunciation correction to communication practice, from vocabulary building to audio training. It is available everyday afternoon.

Sample Daily Learning structure
(the actual class schedule may change)

10:00-11:20 = Spanish language and grammar
11:30-12:50 = Elective courses
12:50-14:00 = Lunch Break
14:00-15:20 = Spanish Lab
15:30-16:50 = Language Workshop

Course schedule and list of elective courses will be available upon students’ arrival


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