About the Program

SIP is part of the Universidad del desarrollo’s academic programs and is organized by the faculty of government. The program is designed for both people who have no previous knowledge of Spanish and those who want to advance their Spanish to a higher proficiency in order to live, study or work in a Spanish-speaking country. By the end of the program, students should be able to handle conversations fluently in various topics that are regularly encountered in school, work and daily life, as well as to read simple books and write essays in Spanish.

Learning while living and traveling is not idealistic; it is the most efficient way to learn a language and to understand its culture. By participating Spanish Immersion Program, you will learn and experience more of Spanish and Chile than you ever can from months or even years of classroom learning in your home country.

By enrolling at UDD, not only will you be studying at one of the most prestigious universities in Chile, but you’ll also be part of the vibrant campus life, gaining access to all services offered to regular students, such as library, gym, students welfare services, academic assistance, cultural activities, sports, cafeteria etc.

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